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How to Uninstall Apps on Windows 11 Pc

Once the app is launched, click on the New button to start the screenshot capturing process. Now, press and hold the mouse and drag it over the area that you want to capture. When you’ve done that, release your mouse to capture the screen. If you like the image, you can finally save it as […]

How to allow and deny access to a microphone on Mac

Well, how to enable camera in Windows 11 and how to disable camera in Windows 11? Before we go any further, you need to create a backup of the folder. Right-click on and click ‘Export’ from the context menu. Once the File Explorer page opens, locate the file named ‘lvmvdrv.sys’ and rename it as ‘lvmvdrv.sys.backup.’ […]

How to Measure a Window for Glass Replacement

Next, we want to measure the height from just above the stop at the top of the window to just inside the bottom edge of the stool. We’ll take that measurement on both sides of the window, and again use the smallest measurement when ordering our window. These notations are simple to understand once you […]

How do I test my internal microphone HP Support Community 1066507

Click on the gear in the top right corner of the page. If everything is working correctly, you should see video from the camera immediately. When you purchase through our links we may earn a commission. Open Device Manager and double-click on Imaging Devices. Click the Start button, located at the bottom left of the […]

MFPlat DLL is missing error message

Most fails are related to .NET Frame and Security Updates. I need you to do download CC cleaner the free version and install CC cleaner on your PC. Browse other questions tagged c++ .net windows visual-studio-2019 windows-server or ask your own question. Thanks for your suggestion and sorry for my late reply. The game relied […]

Youtube-dl Error MSVCR100 dll not found in Windows » Winhelponline

WIN+I to open Windows settings, then choose “Update & Security”. “Check for Update” to see the result. If there is any update available, try the update and restart your computer to see if the problem has been fixed. Microsoft is trying really hard to kill off old versions of windows. Install the latest version of […]

How to Take and Print a Screenshot With Windows 7 Staff Website

The image is copied to the Snipping Tool window for you to work on. You can find the tool by searching for “snipping tool” in the Windows search box, although the method for that differs depending on the edition of Windows you’re using. You may know how to screenshot with an Asus laptop using the […]