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How to Uninstall Apps on Windows 11 Pc

Once the app is launched, click on the New button to start the screenshot capturing process. Now, press and hold the mouse and drag it over the area that you want to capture. When you’ve done that, release your mouse to capture the screen. If you like the image, you can finally save it as a screenshot. You can read more on how to take screenshots on Surface.

If you want to want edit the video, please return to the main interface of the UkeySoft Screen Recorder, and click “Video ToolBox” to edit the recorded video. When you stop recording, the recording video will save onto your local computer automatically. When all are done, click on the red button to start recording.

Why is there no desktop audio OBS?

But, using a Windows PC or laptop, there are several ways to do it, and the options go beyond the classic Print Screen key. On Windows, there are as many as six screenshotting commands on the keyboard. It offers all-in-one capture as well as panoramic scrolling capture. On top of that, it also provides other features like grab text, sync cloud library, annotations, smart move, text replace, simplify tools, stamps, and sharing options that help attract new users. The user first needs to identify the menu one wants to capture.

  • Displays the release type of this software, like ‘Security Update’, ‘Update Rollup’.
  • Swipe in from the upper-right corner of the screen while viewing the desktop to open the menu, and then touch Settings.
  • High performance access to Windows virtual apps and desktops, anywhere access from your desktop, start menu, Workspace app UI or web access with Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox.
  • You can also choose the screenshot’s file type, JPEG or PNG.

The Start menu will provide you with the list of the installed programs and apps where you will find the program which you want to uninstall. Sometimes, you won’t find the app listed in the settings apps & features panel. In those cases, you might be able to right-click on the menu item and select Uninstall. If you still see the remaining files and folders or context menu options for a removed program or app, then you can try the fixes below to solve your issue.

How to check your Windows PC’s specs

To uninstall a program using IObit, download and install the application on your Windows 10 computer. Then fmodex64_dll open the downloaded file and go through the installation process. Next, select a program and click the Uninstall button.

Read more about PC optimization and malware cleaning in our best pc optimization and best antimalware software articles. needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. Type the command below into Windows Terminal , and press Enter. Type the command below into Windows Terminal, and press Enter. After the initial install, choose Advanced and click Scan. Peter has been an ItechBrand reporter since July 2019.

Alternatively I can change the application name/id, but one is not always possible and the other is risky (I don’t want to check in the changed application id to source control). To look for and uninstall the pre-installed apps on Windows 10, we will be using two commands in the PowerShell. Please don’t forget that if the built-in app can’t be deleted, the uninstall button will be grayed out. UWP apps are different from legacy programs and can not be found under Programs and Features in Control Panel. But some legacy apps can be found under Apps & features. I know it looks like a mess right now, but most firms are switching toward providing UWP apps since they can be used from any platform (mobile, tablet, desktop, …) just like Android and iOS apps.

The updates intend to make Android apps feel more at home on the Windows desktop, offering full integration within permission and notification tools. If you haven’t checked already, the first step is to make sure your Windows 10 device will be compatible with Windows 11. Microsoft has updated the hardware requirements, meaning plenty of older hardware won’t be officially supported. Click Next to have Windows 11 check for any updates, then accept the license terms. The Ready to install screen shows that Windows 11 will be installed and that your personal files and apps will be kept. You can then elect to keep personal files and apps, personal files only, or nothing.

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